About Jon Hill and the instruments he creates.



Jon Hill is a passionate guitar craftsman who has dedicated his life to the art of guitar building. For 30 years the Cleveland, Ohio native has created masterworks for music legends like Joe Walsh (Eagles) Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band), Robbie Merrill (GODSMACK), Scotti Hill (Skid Row), Tom Araya (Slayer) , Mark St John of Kiss and a long list of others.

His instruments not only hang in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but have been heard by millions of people around the world.


      "I have been dreaming about, fascinated by, compulsively Zen Buddhist religious about guitars and everything that touches them since I was a little kid growing up on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio." | Jon Hill - Bootleg Guitar Founder


In 2010 Hill founded Bootleg Guitars, a brand that represents the culmination of three decades of legendary guitar artistry.


I have been fascinated by building custom guitars and basses for well over 30 years. Its taken me on an unforgettable journey touching the lives of thousands of artists across the globe. I'm very proud of the portfolio I've created over the years and I still have an incredible desire to create beautiful instruments.


Bootleg starts with the mindset where each step of the process is mastered. We only use the finest woods and components available combined with excellent craftsmanship to illicit the clarity and tonality we are known for.

Professional instruments built to withstand the rigors of touring and elevate your game in the studio, but most importantly each instrument has to feel right and sound right, that's what I am good at.


~ Jon Hill

Bootleg Guitars

Timeless Quality